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To your right, you’ll find our VAT calculator. Simply input the number you need to calculate VAT on and select either “Add VAT” or “Remove VAT” to add or subtract a VAT percentage.

The VAT percentage is set at 20% as standard. You can lower or raise this value by using the “Rate of VAT” slider located beneath the number pad. The slider ranges from 7.5% up to 25%.

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For your benefit, we’ve produced a variety of articles that cover various VAT topics. This includes global tax rates and flat rate VAT. If you can’t find what you need though, feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to help you find the answer you’re searching for.

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Add or Reverse VAT Calculator

VAT stands for value-added tax; it is levied on nearly all goods and services provided by UK registered businesses.

This, alongside other taxes, is collected by the government and redistributed in order to fund various public services. As of the 4th of January 2011, the default VAT rate stands at 20%.

Want to know more? Here, you can learn more about what VAT is.

About Online VAT Calculator

The Online VAT Calculator is a free-to-use service developed and funded by a collective of like-minded individuals.

Our mission is simple. Value-added tax is something many of us work with daily and so we aim to make it quick and easy for people to calculate it. Our goal was to create a versatile tax calculator that can be easily edited based on user intentions.

Although the main purpose of the Online VAT Calculator is to calculate value-added tax, it can also assist you in calculating a variety of different taxes. Simply move the slider to the percentage you require to get a quick and easy calculation. We’ve even added the ability to copy values to help make data management simple.

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Add VAT or Remove VAT

To add VAT to a number of your chosen figure, input the value you would like to add VAT to into the Online VAT Calculator. You can use the buttons provided or type in the value that you prefer.

The sliding scale is set at the current UK VAT rate, which is 20%. If you need to adjust this scale, please use the slider provided. The slider ranges from 7.5% up to 25%.

Once you have selected the appropriate percentage, press the Add VAT button. To remove VAT from a given number, follow these same steps but instead press the Remove VAT button.

1. Enter the amount into the VAT Calculator.

2. Specify VAT rate using the slider.

3. Press either the Add VAT or Remove VAT button.

Once you have followed these instructions, you will be presented with four values. The Net Amount (value excluding VAT), the amount of VAT (based on the percent you specified), the Gross Amount (value including VAT) and the value the calculation was based on.

Copy VAT Calculation

If you would like to use any of these figures in a separate area, we’ve included a convenient copy function to the VAT Calculator. Simply press the icon to the right of the value you wish to copy and that value will be copied to your clipboard. You can then paste this value wherever you need to.

How to Calculate VAT – Adding

This is the equation to add VAT to your figure:

(Original Figure) multiplied by 1. (the VAT percentage) equals New Figure including VAT

For instance, if the rate of VAT is 20% and your figure is £100 the equation would be

100 * 1.20 = 120

Working out the Amount of VAT Added

To calculate the total amount of VAT added, you would need to minus the New Figure including VAT from the Original Figure.

This is the formula:

New Figure Including VATOriginal Figure = Amount of VAT Added

Using figures from the last calculation as an example, we get:

120100 = 20

How to Calculate VAT – Reverse

This is the formula to remove VAT from your figure:

(Original Figure) divided by 1. (the VAT percentage) equals New Figure excluding VAT

For instance, if the rate of VAT is 20% and your figure is £120 the sum would be

120 / 1.20 = 100

Working out the Amount of VAT Removed

In order to calculate the total amount of VAT removed from your original figure, you would need to minus the Original Figure from the New Figure Excluding VAT.

This is the formula:

Original FigureNew Figure Excluding VAT = Amount of VAT Removed

Using figures from the last example, this is the result we get:

120100 = 20